• The Krueger Fleet

    The Krueger Fleet

    Well maintained, reliable vehicles so when we say we're going to be at location, we make it.
  • LED Outdoor Lighting Retrofit

    LED Outdoor Lighting Retrofit

    LED Lighting lowers the cost of illuminating the exterior of your business or residence.
  • Elegant Kitchen Lighting

    Elegant Kitchen Lighting

    Make your space beautiful
  • Industrial Applications

    Industrial Applications

    At Krueger Electrical Services, we pride ourselves in our ability to tackle even the biggest jobs, without forgetting about the small ones.
  • Solar Power

    Solar Power

    Thinking about Eco-Energy? Ask the professionals at Krueger Electrical Services
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I’m an electrician not a website designer!!!! So be patient I am going to do my best!

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Welcome to Krueger Electrical Services

Let’s Face it, a stable electrical system is an essential component of everyday life. We depend on electricity for so many of our run-of-the-mill tasks. Without it, we’d be lost. So when electrical problems occur in your home or place of business, the last thing you should do is try to repair them yourself. Fortunately, […]

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